Tanya Taylor on Slow Content, Sustainable Style, and Standing up for Women Everywhere

The vibrancy and artistry of Tanya Taylor’s vivid prints, flowy silhouettes, and dynamic collections have made her a leading contemporary designer. But beyond aesthetics, Tanya is quickly becoming known for leading the charge in building a brand that has true heart. With her universal mission to create clothing that allows modern women from all walks of life to live colorfully, we thought she was the perfect person to close out the season with. Furthermore, Tanya’s passion, honesty, and singular focus on creating a brand for real women have also laid the groundwork for Tanya and her team to tell stories that have real longevity. In this interview, our founder Rachel Schwartzmann spoke with Tanya about what slow content means to her, along with the importance of inspiring sustainable relationships. This episode also opens with a "slow story" contributed by Avery Cox. Follow our guests online at @tanyataylor @averycoxdesign http://tanyataylor.com

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