Trinity Mouzon Wofford of Golde on Fostering Accessible Wellness and Transparent Entrepreneurship

When Trinity Mouzon Wofford recognized a disconnect between accessibility and wellness, she began building a brand that she hoped would resonate with modern consumers looking to engage in more digestible wellness practices and conversations. Since then, she and her small but mighty team have been working diligently to build Golde, the beloved superfood health and beauty brand for everybody. Trinity’s commitment to stewarding authenticity and transparency within the wellness industry has also made its way into her efforts to demystify the realities that come with entrepreneurship in our digital age. In addition to running Golde, Trinity has also launched a new initiative entitled Office Hours, a social series that she hopes will ignite important conversations about creating a business — and life — that makes sense for you. In this episode, Trinity spoke more about these initiatives and why slow content is more important than ever. This episode also opens with a “slow story” contributed by Emily Schildt. Follow our guests online: @emilyschildt @trinitymouzon @golde

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