Minali Chatani of Wild One on Creating Content and Conversations That Last

Minali Chatani's inherent creativity has paved the way for an enriching design career. The industry-leading creative has spearheaded brand design and development, for renowned companies including Sweetgreen and Bloomingdales, and in turn, has mastered the art of fusing brand creative and content in a wholly integrated way. Now she’s rising to the occasion once again in her role as co-founder and Head of Brand at Wild One -- an elevated pet brand that creates design-driven, durable products for modern pets and their people. In this episode, Minali spoke more about why slowing down and placing quality at the forefront of all creative decisions will cut through the noise and create a brand with true longevity. This episode also opens with a “slow story” by Sandy Friesen of Welden. Follow our guests online at @weldenbags @wildone https://wildone.com 

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