Michael Ventura of Sub Rosa on Applying Empathy in Business and Storytelling

We’re often told that developing a thick skin is crucial to being able to endure the difficult, and at times, cut throat business climate. But in the heart of downtown Manhattan, Michael Ventura is combating this apathetic outlook by infusing and applying empathy in new and pragmatic ways. As the Founder and CEO of Sub Rosa — a brand strategy and design practice that believes deeper understanding creates better solutions — Michael isn’t a stranger of putting this idea into practice. Enter Applied Empathy, a methodology developed by Michael and his team that arms professionals with the tools and framework they need to harness and lead with empathy in the modern workplace. In today’s episode, we spoke about the development of this practice and how it inevitably helped him to apply this idea more holistically throughout his personal and professional life. And of course, we also discussed content’s role in how we can all become more empathetic and thoughtful storytellers both online and offline. This episode also opens with a "slow story" contributed by Veronica Souza. Follow our guests online at https://wearesubrosa.com @themichaelventura @wearesubrosa @verosouza 

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