Kathryn Duryea of Year & Day on Fostering Vision, Values, and Enduring Stories

Kathryn Duryea of Year & Day has created a truly a modern homewares brand that is quickly becoming known for its tightly edited selection of elegant ceramic, flatware, and other essentials needed for the discerning lifestyle consumer. And with top pillars like sustainability, connection, and quality design at the forefront of the brand’s mission, Kathryn is making it that much easier to set a table you love. Enjoy the full episode featuring our Founder and CEO Rachel Schwartzmann in conversation with Kathryn who discussed how her past professional experiences at heritage brands like Tiffany & Co. have helped guide her in developing Year & Day along with the importance “slow” content, and the steps she believes one should take to build a truly enduring brand. The episode also opens with a “slow story” Michelle Toney of Morrow Soft Goods.

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