Larissa May of #HALFTHESTORY on Using Social Media to Create Sustainable Relationships Both Online and Offline

Today's episode features Larissa May (@livinlikelarz). Known to many as Larz, our founder Rachel Schwartzman personally met the talented creative in the early days of both their careers, and since then, they have kept in touch as both of their respective businesses have evolved to cater to a more conscious and mission-driven mindset — enter Larissa's social media project turned nonprofit organization #HALFTHESTORY (@halfthestory). Put simply; the initiative is equipping the next generation with the knowledge and tools to use social media as a platform to connect and share the stories we don’t often feel able to tell in a landscape that promotes highlight reels and filters. With a growing global community under her belt, Larz is now setting her sights on working with larger institutions to ensure necessary change happens online in our increasingly complex social and political climate. Enjoy the full episode with Larz who also shared her thoughts on how slow storytelling is the foundation of her work as an entrepreneur and social consultant for brands including Otherland and Kin Euphorics. The episode also opens with a “slow story” contributed by Grace Wong of Jewels & Aces (@jewelsandaces).

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