Emmett Shine of Pattern on Valuing Our Time

You may know Emmett Shine's work via his role as the co-founder of the leading design agency, Gin Lane, which during its tenure, built brand identities and creative for some of the most beloved startups in business. Now, Emmett is throwing his hat in the ring with the recent introduction of Pattern, a family of brands that is intent on helping us all enjoy — and reconnect with — daily life. Pattern recently introduced its first brand, Equal Parts, and will be rolling out more initiatives and companies that tie back to this conscious mission in the new year. Emmett and his team have also leveraged our hyper-connected culture by using Pattern’s social media platforms to amplify a conversation around digital mindfulness. In this interview, Emmett discussed his take on slow content and the importance of spending our time in healthier (and happier) ways. This episode also opens with a “slow story” by Brooklyn-based Creative Director, John McLaughlin. Follow our guests online: @jhnmclghln @emmett @patternbrands @getequalparts https://patternbrands.com/

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