Carolyn Witte of Tia on How Content Can Shape How We Think About Modern Healthcare

Carolyn Witte is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tia — a next-generation women’s healthcare company that is modernizing and humanizing the healthcare experience for women everywhere. Initially known for its acclaimed mobile app, Tia has been able to bridge the gap between connection and personalization to create a digital resource for women looking for real-time guidance while navigating the increasingly complex medical landscape. As of 2019, Carolyn and her team have taken that mission one step further with the introduction of Tia’s first women’s clinic and community space in New York City. Discover the full episode featuring the story of the company and what question Carolyn hopes women ask one another more of during their visit at Tia. The episode also opens with a “slow story” by fellow TSL interviewee Matisse Bustos-Hawkes. Follow our guests on social: @carolynwitte @asktia @matissebh and visit Tia's website for more information at

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