Ara Katz of Seed on the Importance of Realignment and Reflection

True change and innovation start from within. That’s where Ara Katz of Seed comes into play. As the co-founder and co-CEO, Ara spends her days leading a team to realign our thinking about the vital role bacteria plays in the health of both people and our planet. In addition to Seed’s research efforts, Ara has taken its educational mission one step further by engaging with modern customers through Seed University, their digital partner program that is rooted in accountability. In this episode, Ara spoke more about this essential initiative, her thoughts on the current social landscape, and why slowing down our content creation and consumption is integral to coming up with actionable solutions. This episode also opens with a “slow story” contributed by Tori Lazar and Alison Belilty. Follow our guests online: @alison_belilty @torilazar @arakatz @seed @seeduniversity

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