Alisha Ramos of Girls’ Night In on Storytelling That Inspires Self-Care

Welcome to the last month of season two of Slow Stories! Today's episode features Rachel Schwartzmann in conversation with Alisha Ramos. Since connecting with Alisha last fall for a potential project opportunity with CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL, it’s been amazing to keep in touch and witness the self-made founder rise to the occasion in her role as the Founder and CEO of Girls’ Night In — a newsletter and event series championing the ever-pressing self-care movement that is changing the way modern women approach (and make space for) wellness in an increasingly always-on culture. The brand’s candid and approachable voice has also provided Alisha with a platform to share her voice as a female founder who is establishing transparency and honest conversations around what it takes to build a brand in 2019. The episode also opens with a “slow story” by TSL interviewee Erin Allweiss of No. 29. Follow our guests on social: @alisharamos @girlsnightinclub @erinallweiss

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